How Do Celebrities Use Twitter? Interview with @JosieStevensMTR

Celebrities and stars in the tech world use Twitter for a lot of reasons – promoting a new venture, to praise or complain about something, to share information, to spread news about a good cause.  So I thought it would be fun to hear from the stars themselves about how they use it.

Josie Stevens might be the wife of rocker Steve Stevens, but she’s also a mogul all her own . Starring on E! channel’s Married to Rock, she is soon to launch a clothing line and has her own Etsy store.

When you joined: I joined September 23, 2010

Why you signed up: E! channel suggested I join to be included on their “Married to Rock” twitter feed, and once I did I got hooked 🙂

Number of followers: 28,279

Number following: 1,464

Your favourite part of twitter: I love getting a chance to speak directly to people all over the world, and get to know people I normally might not have a chance to. I also feel like its an amazing way to network and a fun way to keep in touch with friends, get feedback on projects, etc.

Least favourite: I dont really have a least favorite, although I hate the “fail whale” and missing tweets! 🙂

Do you have any rules? Not really. I think internet etiquette is like life etiquette, just be polite and thoughtful and you can’t go wrong. I try to answer everyone, sometimes I can’t when I am traveling or ultra-busy but I hope people understand when I can’t.

What do you use twitter for mostly – promotion, conversation, etc.? I use twitter for everything, promotion of projects, networking, conversation, the news, everything really!

What have been some of the best tweets you’ve done? Hmm… Thats a tough one. I think sharing fun pictures is always my favorite. 🙂

Any great stories you want to share? I am about to launch a clothing line with J Valentine Catalog (@JValentineInc) and we met on twitter! We started tweeting each other as mutual fans, met up, and the next thing you know we are designed a line that launches in September! 🙂

Whose tweets do you enjoy getting? I enjoy getting tweets from everyone, honestly. Its fun to talk to fans of the show, friends, and of course I have gotten excited before when I got a tweet from someone I am a fan of!

How often do you tweet? From where? What platform or social media dashboard do you use? I tweet at least a few times a day, plus respond to tweets. I usually tweet from my phone via WhoSay, but I sometimes use my computer.

Do you try to tweet at only specific times or is it more like, “whenever”? I tweet whenever I have something to say or just wanna say hi or share something.

Do you ever use Twitter as a procrastination tool? Sometimes… its hard to not get sucked in sometimes, then I am like, how did an hour go by?!

Will you be retweeting this interview? Of course! 🙂

Any other thoughts? I just wanna say thank you to you for interviewing me, to twitter for the fun platform for us to use & for verifying me, and to everyone who follows me on twitter! 🙂

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