How Deborah Norville Got Her Hillary ‘Get’


How odd was it to see Senator Clinton on Inside Edition last month? New York-based Deborah Norville is one of the hardest working people in the media business. Who would have thought that Jane Pauley’s unpopular replacement would turn out to be — twenty years later — a bestselling author and the host of Inside Edition. How, by the way, did Norville’s Inside Edition — which, after all, is not exactly The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer — get the Democratic Party frontrunner, anyway? From James Brady of Forbes:

”Was her interview with Hillary a notable ‘get’ for Inside Edition or are the presidential candidates all lusting for air time? ‘We were after Hillary and the others for months. We aren’t GMA or the CBS Evening News. So we’re not on the candidates’ radar screens, even though we have the audience they want to reach. We say, you rock ‘n’ roll with us, and we’re here to rock ‘n’ roll with you. Clinton’s people got that!”’

(image via greatertalent)