How Catholic is Bret Baier?

So Catholic that…

Bret Baier, the Fox News anchor, has been asked to speak at a fundraiser in Lafayette, Ind. on March 12. The point is to raise money for Pope John Paul II, a 4-year-old private Catholic school with approximately 150 students. Baier attended Marist School, a small private Catholic high school in Atlanta. He’s Roman Catholic and reportedly attends Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown.

A recent article in The Independent Weekly reports that Baier was chosen because of his deep abiding faith as well as his ability to draw in a crowd. This won’t likely mean a whole lot to you (the “Christian Brothers” and the “Carmel campus” and all) but read on if you want:

“Headmaster Kevin Roberts says Baier was requested as guest speaker because of his Catholic faith — and in hopes of bringing in a “larger net” for the school’s planned move to a permanent campus on Carmel Drive at Magnolia Community where the De La Salle Christian Brothers are housed. The academy is currently operating out of a temporary facility on the Carencro-Lafayette border until students move to the Carmel Drive campus in the fall.”

A fun fact: The headmaster, Kevin Roberts, has been a speaker for Lafayette Tea Party events.

Hurry up! Tickets: $59 each until Feb. 28 and $79 after. You can also call 896-6050 or visiting the school’s website at

Sadly some people are so sick. In the 33 commenters following the story, most are down on Baier. See a sample after the jump. We’ve added a positive note to be fair and balanced, but most are negative. Read here to read them all.

Docy B: I wouldn’t pay one red cent to see this a%^hole. This kind of stunt that the catholic church is pulling reinforces my contempt for those bastard catholics who looks to join these racist tea party republicans that are making racist remarks about our president.

Carencro resident: Thank God!!! FInally an intelligent speaker will be coming to talk. This is just what people need to be educated about. I would ask everyone to go to this Gala and support family values.