How can Facebook advertisers capture a millennial’s attention?

Getting the attention of a millennial on Facebook is difficult — especially when big companies, social media outlets, and TV networks are not focused on which methods of advertising this generation actually responds to. The problem with most outlets that are struggling to gain the likes of millennials is the direct result of them not engaging in us.

This is one of the many reasons why this generation loves taking their voice and their opinions to social media. However, social media outlets such as Facebook have really changed since launching almost 10 years ago.

Now when logging on to Facebook, users are bombarded with advertising and we are forced to sift through numerous ads in our personal feeds that don’t make the experience as enjoyable as it once was. As social media has developed into one of the most desirable ways to advertise, Facebook has increased their number of ads and currently has more than one million companies currently advertising on their site today. More advertising doesn’t necessarily make the millennial generation more eager to log on to the social network.

The millennial generation is extremely transparent and has grown up in a world that has groomed them to ignore traditional advertising. Millennials are constantly on the go and are savvy enough to sift through various outlets online to find information, news, or entertainment that they see most value in.

This generation remembers the unique experience that Facebook used to provide them, which was a hassle free and easy way to post pictures and connect with friends. If Facebook is going to continue to roll out ads at the rate they are now, they need to channel their original roots and implement the experience they once gave users into their advertising method.

A survey of 571 millennials conducted by Texas A&M University revealed that millennials prefer online coupons and side-panel ads. Some other findings: Millennials do not like pop-up advertising, and graphics are highly effective in grabbing their attention. Millennials will repeatedly visit a website that has competitive prices and good shipping rates. If given an incentive, such as a discount or reward, Millennials will write an online product review. Millennials prefer quality over quantity.

This generation is the most interactive, well connected, educated, liberal group of people the world has ever seen. We love to collaborate, co-create, and participate. The millennials are also extremely influenced by their friend’s opinions and 80 to 90 percent of this generation has a Facebook profile today.

Younger consumers use their friends and digital networks as big deciding factor when buying products. Therefore, advertising and marketing on social media should utilize millennials as their brand advocates. If Facebook wants to win millennials back, invite them to help create future advertising campaigns. This generation is far from entitled and lazy; instead we have a strong entrepreneurial spirit that Facebook should tap into before it becomes consumed by advertising and irrelevant to this generation.

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Chelsea Krost is an author, executive producer, radio and TV talk show host. Chelsea has appeared on Anderson with Anderson Cooper, Wendy Williams, The Today Show, Good Day New York, and several other top media outlets. In addition, Chelsea is the Millennial correspondent for and Chelsea (@ChelseaKrost) has been a contributor with Seventeen, Cosmopolitan and Self magazine.


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