How can B2B companies take advantage of Facebook retargeting?


Facebook’s retargeting offerings, such as Custom Audiences and mobile app ads, have given a huge boost to the gaming and retail advertising sectors. Through retargeting, game developers have been able to gain installs and re-engage lapsed players, while retailers have been able to target users who stopped somewhere along the conversion funnel.

So what’s the next frontier for this kind of advertising? According to AdRoll, a Facebook Exchange partner, it’s the B2B sector.

AdRoll’s President and CMO, Adam Berke, talked with Inside Facebook about how B2B is the next big vertical for retargeting:

Generally, retargeting is known to be focused around retail, travel and classifieds, but one of our biggest verticals is actually B2B and technology. Those businesses use us because it’s very hard to find B2B decision makers and CIO types and people who are making those types of buying decisions for their companies. Once they find it, that data is really valuable. Once they identify their audience, whether it’s a SAAS product or a free trial or a freemium model, that has been a really big growth area for us. They’re starting to figure out ways to use mobile, also.

Berke noted that instead of going for a direct response sales method, B2B companies tend to use Facebook retargeting to promote content or sign up for more information.

For instance, B2B company Tableau Software — a data visualization firm — used AdRoll’s technology to re-engage those who had visited the company’s website and lead them back down the marketing funnel. Tableau used site retargeting, as well as retargeting via FBX.

Users who had simply visited the home page were served Facebook ads highlighting current industry trends in data analytics, establishing the importance to adopt a data analytics company. Mid-intent users saw ads promoting content aimed at the topics they were looking at, as well as solutions Tableau offered that could help. Lower-funnel users saw a reminder of a free trial or content about the specific products they had looked at, but not made a purchase.

The ads performed 40 percent below target CPA and account for 14 percent of Tableau Software’s monthly advertisement leads (content and trial downloads. Additionally, Tableau was able to maintain a steady, below-target CPC and CPA while scaling the campaign almost triple over a three-month period.

Ben Witte, Head of Mobile Growth at AdRoll, talked with Inside Facebook about how Facebook’s retargeting options have matured, especially with regard to mobile:

For the past several years, we’ve been focused on desktop environments and display advertising. With the innovation of Facebook Exchange, there were the first programmatic native ads. Now, the world has moved on. Our customers are engaging with our services across all of their devices. It’s important to be able to reach them wherever they are.

Readers: Do you use any kind of retargeting in your Facebook ads?

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