How Are You Using Your iPad?

MediaBistro took a survey today to find out how readers are using their iPads. It turns out that people are using their iPads for all kinds of things. They use it to check e-mail, play games, surf the Web, watch Netflix, cook, work, and of course for reading.

Here are a couple of notable responses:

Robyn Andrews posted: “I use it for surfing, email, games, and reading (kindle for iPad). I referred to a recipe on it during thanksgiving-fit right on the windowsill. It’s really handy because the battery is decent and it’s lighter than a laptop. doesn’t get as hot, either. :-)”

Susan Kelley posted: “Getting ours in the next week or two, we’ll use it for business primarily (we have an online store), but we’ll also use it for online magazines & newspapers, etc. (I’m guessing there may also be some Angry Birds activity.)”

Jackie Taylor posted: “I bought one this weekend for my husband. He uses it to organize his class notes and as an e-reader. It’s also great for entertainment – watching movies on Netflix online.”

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