How Are Facebook Users Responding to the “Real Time” Home Page Redesign?

It’s now been nearly a full week since the new “live stream” Facebook home page redesign launched to all users. How are users responding?

It’s still too early to tell yet in terms of bigger shifts in audience behavior – but early aggregate data from Compete shows total daily time spent on Facebook is roughly flat since this time a week ago.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t users complaining about the changes. In a Facebook application called New Layout Vote, roughly 850,000 users have expressed their sentiments about the redesign. The results? About 94% of voters say they don’t like it.

However, it’s not the first time a vocal minority of Facebook users have resisted changes to the site’s design. Two years ago, Facebook users initially protested the launch of the News Feed, but then became glued to the site even more because of it. Last year, Facebook users fought for ways to go back to the old Facebook profile design, but growth and engagement have continued to increase since – pages per visit are up by 50% since last summer.

Facebook is of course monitoring feedback through a variety of channels, but the loudest voice will be the way users actually change the way they use the service. We wouldn’t be surprised to see time spent and pages per visit increase similarly over the coming year – but the data will tell the tale.

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