How Al Gore Changed Brioni

A fun story from the type foundry Typotheque about how Al Gore came to change the design of a single number from one of their most popular typefaces. As the company’s owner, Peter Bilak, tells it, they received a call out of the blue from a designer who was working on Gore’s latest book, Our Choice. The former Vice President was apparently very involved in the design and came to have an issue with Typotheque’s Brioni when the number one was placed next to capital letters, something that was happening very often in the new book, with all its figures and science bits. So the company took a look, agreed with Gore’s assessment, and the change was made not just for the book, but as an update for anyone who had purchased Brioni from them in the past and wanted it changed. Here’s a bit:

“There was a great cheer from upstairs when they presented the layouts in question to Al. “So I would say that it is good to go,” the email read. Al was right. The new numeral is a lot less confusing when combined with letters. We already changed it for all other weights of Brioni. We’ll call this ‘Gore’s choice’.