How Accurate Were My iPad Predictions? Read on…

Here we go! I posted the blog item below early yesterday before the fabled Apple iPad announcement…

With Mere Hours Left Before Apple’s Announcement, Here’s My Wild Tablet Predictions

Let’s see how well (or not) my predictions turned out. I’ll also add explanatory text (lame excuses) where appropriate:

0 – It will be available in two sizes: 7 (perhaps 8) inch and 10 inch displays. Most people will buy the larger device only to learn later that the smaller model is more practical to carry around. I wanted to give myself a half-point for this. But, the actual prediction is that two model sizes would be available. So, I get a big zero.
0.5 – The tablets will be priced at $699 and $899 I’m giving myself partial credit for being “in the ballpark”
0.5 – It will be 3G enabled. It didn’t occur to me that Apple would repeat the iPhone/iPod touch dichotomy. And, I’m glad they did!
0 – It will be supported by multiple wireless carriers (AT&T & Verizon, maybe T-Mobile too)
Buyers will NOT be forced to choose a carrier and pay for a plan (wishful thinking on my part)

1 – There will NOT be a Kindle-like WhisperNet service
1 – It will run unmodified current generation iPhone apps in either some expanded view mode or in a screen quadrant
1 – Kindle for iPhone, Stanza, and other ebook readers will work fine on it. eBook manufacturers everywhere will start crying for hours on end. This wasn’t explicitly stated. However,since most iPhone apps will run on the iPad, the ebook reader apps should too
0 – Apple will still not allow the use of physical Bluetooth keyboards. I am very glad to be wrong about this
0 – Apple will provide some kind of tactile feedback for the tablet’s screen keyboard This was not confirmed or denied. But, I’ll assume it is not present.
0 – A “cloud” component will be introduced for iWork to make it easy to mobilize Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents I wanted to give myself partial credit for the iWork port prediction. But, the cloud part was completely wrong
0.5 – Magazine publishers will overcharge for their content and be surprised by the underwhelming response. Nothing was really said about content pricing. But, let’s assume past poor decisions predict future poor decisions
0 – The Online Apple Store will crash within minutes of re-opening due to hundreds of thousands of attempts to pre-order a unit. Pre-ordering was not available. So, no crash.

There we have it! I scored 4.5 points out of a possible 12. Batting .375 is great in baseball but not so great for predictions. Don’t expect me to stop though. How else can I improve?