How 9 New York Fashion Week Sponsors Fared on Social This Year

Twitter mentions shot up a staggering 1,113% for one

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Samsung and Mercedes-Benz were among some of the brands getting the biggest social buzz at this year’s New York Fashion Week, which wrapped up yesterday, according to exclusive data obtained by Adweek.

Analytics firm Socialbakers looked at Twitter mentions from nine Fashion Week sponsors from Sept. 4 through Sept. 11. (Sponsor DHL was left off the list because the company does not have a Twitter handle.) To compare Fashion Week’s impact on the brands, the findings also tracked mentions one month ahead of the event, from Aug. 7 through Aug. 11.

Notably, Samsung’s Twitter chatter climbed 438 percent between the two timeframes, which should not be a surprise based on the brand’s massive presence at Fashion Week. According to Fashionista, Samsung spends $13 billion annually on marketing, with Fashion Week as a major target.

For example, the smartphone maker inked a deal with Swarovski in February and has also teamed up with designers like Alexander Wang in the past.

This year, Samsung’s Fashion Week efforts netted the brand an additional 4,850 Twitter followers.

For Mercedes-Benz, Twitter mentions were up 363 percent, per Socialbaker’s data. However, it should be noted that the car brand was simultaneously sponsoring the U.S. Open and Fashion Week. Mercedes used its Twitter account to promote both events, adding 5,627 followers from Sept. 4 through Sept. 10.

Fashion trend forecasting company WGSN’s Twitter mentions shot up a whopping 1,113 percent between the two periods of time (the company apparently set up a social newsroom during the event).

Although eBay had the most mentions out of the analyzed brands during Fashion Week—more than 197,000—the tweets only represented a 15.73 percent growth from August.

While most brands saw an increase in tweets, jewelry brand Pandora and hair product maker TRESemmé saw a month-over-month decrease. In fact, TRESemmé lost 172 Twitter followers during Fashion Week while Pandora only added 249 followers.

Check out the chart below for the full list of brands and their Twitter stats. 

Meanwhile, another set of data from Curalate looks at more than 115,000 Instagram images tagged with six different hashtags associated with New York Fashion Week.

The images created more than 10 million "likes" and 200,000 comments. The content was created from more than 44,000 unique Instagram users.

Curalate also tracked the difference in social activity from this year to New York’s fall/winter Fashion Week in February.

Overall, the total number of Instagram images shared is up 25 percent from the event earlier this year. "Likes," comments and engagements were also up more than 100 percent. The unique number of Instagram users churning out content during Fashion Week last week was also up more than 35 percent.

Curalate pulled together the top 10 tagged Fashion Week images with the most "likes" and comments, which are below.

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