How 4 Brands Embraced Tumblr’s New Mobile Design

Appearance feature all about customization

Brands are popping out new looks on Tumblr’s mobile app. Today, Tumblr revealed its new Appearance feature, which lets users and brands customize their pages. American Express, Lipton, Axe and L’Oreal are among the brands using the new design.

“[We are] extending our commitment to self-expression to mobile,” Tumblr said today. “For the first time, we're allowing customization and theming to occur in the mobile apps.”

The new design options let brands customize how their Tumblr blog, dashboard and search results look on the app. Brands can change fonts, images and colors with what Tumblr said amounts to billions of options.

New York-based Tumblr, headed by CEO David Karp and now owned by Yahoo, is trying to infuse a more mobile culture among its community, which first exploded on desktop.

Tumblr said mobile engagement is up 124 percent year over year, and that 50 percent of posts now come from mobile.

Tumblr faces stiff competition from social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, as they try to attract advertisers with their visual, brand-focused marketing message.

“Tumblr is a place where brands can breathe,” the company said in today’s mobile redesign announcement. “We're once again stretching the canvas for brands and marketers to create a mobile identity that is truly representative of their brand.”