Houston Profiles Chris Wallace

From the Houston Chronicle:

    Q) Who is your audience?
    A) It isn’t the typical Fox News audience. The fact is we get the majority of our audience from the Fox broadcast channel. (It also airs 5 p.m. Sundays on Fox News Channel.) Channel 26 is not a conservative station. It’s the station of American Idol and 24 and local news. So as we’re watched by local stations around the country as we’re broadcast first on Fox broadcasting, I don’t think our audience is necessarily conservative.

    Q) How important is it for you to break news?
    A) It’s a very select group that watches Sunday talk shows. I think our primary job is to inform them and hopefully do so in an entertaining way: an interesting guest, good questions, a robust discussion. Having said that, if you have a newsmaker on and there is news to be made, you’d like to make it. But that comes second to what I consider my charter to be.

    Q) Can you imagine a scenario in which the GOP wins the White House in ’08?
    A) Oh, absolutely. It’s almost crazy in March 2007 that we’re even discussing the race as much as we are. It’s legitimate because it’s going on, but to say the race is winnable for one party or the other 20 months out is silly.

    Q) How is your father?
    A) He’s great. He’s 88. He has aches and pains but he’s remarkable. He’s a force of nature. I intend, just as he does, to be carried out. I hope my final words are: “Have a great week, and we’ll see you next Fox News Sunday.”