Housewives In China Detained For Smugging 3G iPads

iPads are in demand in China and fourteen housewives recently were busted for trying to smuggle 88 iPads into the country.

The Wall Street Journal reports: “Customs officials in Shenzhen, a southern Chinese city just across the border from Hong Kong, recently caught 14 housewives trying to carry 88 iPads and 340 mobile phones into China, in a bust worth 950,000 yuan, or roughly $143,000, the Guangzhou Daily reported Wednesday.” The women reportedly earmed 200 yuan, or about $30, for each run across the border. All 14 of the women were detained.

While Apple began selling Wi-Fi enabled iPads in China back in September, the country still doesn’t have access to 3G models. Apple Insider has more: “The Wi-Fi-only iPad launched in China in September, but the 3G capable model is still not yet available in the nation of over 1 billion. Customers have been forced to import the 3G model, but the Chinese government recently began collecting a tax on iPads carried into the country — even those for personal use.”

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