House & Home Has Jumped The Geritol


It’s Thursday, which means… House & Home! Yes! We love it! Every Thursday is like a new day! Every new day is like a Thursday!

Nice cover story the gist of which is that the very hot Jay Johnson–whose equally hot twin brother Jed (who, the Times informs, boned Andy Warhol for 12 years) died in TWA 800 in 1996–took over the design firm Jed Johnson Associates. And has a cat named Homer. And used to do a lot of blow.

Which is all very interesting and salacious but the highlight, at least for our more critical sensibilities, is a story on old people and how to take care of them. Because, for the life of us, we cannot figure out how or why this story is in this section. There are a few uses of the word “home,” which could point to some direction, but in the end that seems like a total red herring. The story’s about Robert and Rosalie Kane, who study old people, and what they decided to do (or not do) when their own parents got old.

Mostly, it’s just a really tragic piece about the tragedies of aging.