Hottest Media Types: The Nominees

hottestmedia.gifToday, we will unveil the finalists in our 2007 FishbowlDC Hottest Media Types Contest in all six categories. An anonymous committee (Dana Milbank may or may not have come over in his jammies) spent the weekend running the pictures through our TX 190 Hot-O-Meter. Voting will begin tomorrow and will end Friday at 5 p.m. Anyone who would like to send in a better picture or what not, feel free. (fishbowldc at mediabistro dot com)

A few notes:

  • You had to be nominated to be considered.
  • If you didn’t send a picture (despite our requests) and we weren’t able to track down a picture, well …
  • In order to mix things up a bit and make sure that it’s not just the same faces each year, we’ve decided not to allow people to be finalists for more than two years in a row. This year, that means that Norah O’Donnell, Hadley Gamble, Richard Wolffe, Karen Travers, Abbi Tatton, Suzanne Malveaux, Jessica Yellin, Josh Gross, John Dickerson, George Stephanopolous, Ed Henry and John King were not eligible for consideration.
  • Amazingly, lots more nominees for off-air candidates than on-air candidates.