Hottest Media Types: The Nominations

hottestmedia.gifWe should have our Top Ten for each of the four categories (Hottest Male, On Air; Hottest Female, On Air; Hottest Male, Off Air; Hottest Female, Off Air) a little later this week. So keep those mouse fingers rested…

In the meantime, we thought we’d share with you the second batch (see the first here) of our most favorite nomination quotes:

“a greek Adonis of a political producer”

“Imagine the boy you chased around the playground and tried to kiss. Or the cutest guy in seventh grade. Now imagine he’s all grown up. Charming and canny — yet with a wide innocent grin and disheveled hair to lend a boyishly sexy touch.”

“She has a penchant for cowboy boots (don’t read into this).”

“total dreamboat – and smart . Overall yummy rating: 10.”

“With his gentle brilliance, pioneering pen and lavendar tie, [redacted] is one of the most dashing– and intriguing– reporters on the Hill”


“Take a chance on a true American original. [Redacted] is the hottest thing since sliced bread. Please don’t let this be a “Hot” list full of fuglies a la The Hill.”

“she kind of looks like scarlett johansson”

“She makes briefings worth watching. Any ideas on how I can meet her and if she’s single?”

“What’s she got? What hasn’t she got. Luxuriant blonde locks, steely blue eyes, an adorable pixie nose you could balance a quarter on and a marathoner’s body that, as Raymond Chandler once said, would make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window. Anyone who’s seen her karaoke can testify that she’s got the sultry voice of a latter-day Nina Simone, an encyclopedic knowledge of Motown, (I am credibly informed) the touch of an angel and, it must be said, the liver of Richard Burton. And you’ll thank her as she elbows past you for a scoop you’ll discover only after it airs. The first time I saw her I found myself jockeying for space in a crowded bar to get close to her.”

“He is, quite simply, the hottest male on-air out there. Waking up to those dulcet tones on [redacted] makes me … well – I just can’t in good conscience write it on a family-friendly website. And when I hear him while I’m in the car, I just have to pull over, lest I cause an accident. True, he has very little chest hair, but it’s absolutely compensated-for by his sweeping, French-cut, blow-dried tresses and square manly jaw. Mmmmm … love the jaw. Delectable. His shirts and pants, yes, they may be a little tight. But they give us such a tantalizing glimpse of that war correspondent body. And the way he fires an automatic weapon — well, be still my beating heart. Why this guy is still in radio, I simply don’t know. Then again, it could be that his quivering, pulsating, mammoth … intellect …. is just too impressive to be contained by television. Sigh. I need to go towel off now.”

“This dashing Brit *swears* his monogrammed shirts cost $15 in Seoul.
Like we’d believe that! Clearly this is a man who sleeps on 300 + thread count sheets (and oh how we love that image), and we suspect those shirts are probably priced accordingly. What lies beneath can only be imagined…Screw Freedom Fries, [redacted] is the journalistic equivalent of caviar.”

“[Redacted] would probably make the cut. Look at that hair, lifted direct from Annie Lennox, and that dress, inspired by Marilyn Monroe. So which is it[redacted]? New wave, or old school! But you can’t pigeonhole [redacted], a native Texan who works for [redacted] — No no! She’s a smorgasbord of culture, and can spell it to boot. “

“They breed them blonder and sexier in Florida.”

“Damn, the sultry Asian thing does it for us.”

“Those curls are irresistable, even if he does look like he’s about 15.”

“People with size four waists and 34D chests (an educated guess) should really be in broadcast.”

“shes hotter than Phoenix in July, look for yourself :)”

“why’s it always gotta be 20-somethings in hoochie-wear that get the attention? [Redacted] is a classy lady, smart, a workhorse, a blast to work with, and absolutely hilarious. Can you believe she works the overnight shift and STILL looks this good? i can only hope to be as hot as she is when i’m in my early 40s.”

“The new kid on the block: [Redacted] is amazingly HOT! This one’s got real beauty AND smarts. She’s my first pick! Wonder if she is available??? Had the opportunity to work with her a few months ago. WOW! I was waaay impressed. Sorry, didn’t get the opportunity to take her photo–yet!!”

“gets just as much attention for being totally stunning and sexy as she does for her kick-ass reporting. Plus she’s a sweetheart.”

“In spite of working for a sweat-shop, she’s always the most pulled-together and composed looking person at the press conferences.”

“[Redcated] is sort of a Jewish Clooney, he should be in there, too.”