Hottest Media Types: Reader Reax

Yesterday’s announcement of the finalists for D.C. hottest media types launched a firestorm of emails and reader reaction. There were numerous complaints about people who didn’t make the list (“Chad Lorenz of Washingtonian magazine would win over almost all of those guys”) and ones like this:

“I’m a perfectly straight male, but I’m surprised John Harwood didn’t make the list … the guy rocks .. fair, balanced, soft-spoken and dammit, when I grow up, I hope to look as good and be as smart as him,” one reader wrote.

So let’s be clear: If he or she WASN’T nominated, then they didn’t make the list.

Of course, there were also these emails: “Do you have contact info for that Amanda McClements!? She is gorgeous!” and “tell me more about John McCalla, is he single?” The answers? Yes, we know where to reach her (start with her blog) and no, he’s taken. Sorry.

Then there’s this: “As a 30-something off-air woman, I’m a little irked by the ageism going on here. The average age of the female finalists is MUCH younger than the males.” True, but then again, in the on-airs category, it appears the men are wearing much more make-up than the women, so what do you want from us?

We also got somewhere in the vicinity of 47 emails/tips along the lines of “David Shuster is soooooo hot” or “what great blue eyes” or “DAVID SHUSTER IS HOT HOT HOT!!!” Of course, on the other hand, another reader wrote, “He’s the cheasiest, slimiest, dork ever and seeing his picture everytime i come to fishbowldc is making me stop reading it.” To each their own, right?

A recap:

Nominees: Hottest Male Off-Airs

Nominees: Hottest Male On-Airs

Nominees: Hottest Female Off-Airs

Nominees: Hottest Female On-Airs

Nominees: Best Dressed

Stay tuned for the voting and sorry for the delay. We’re working out the last of the technical kinks.