Hottest Media Campaigns: Philippe Reines


From Wonkette:

    To: Supporters, Interested Parties
    From: Chief Strategists BMF and JBB
    Date: July 25, 2007
    Re: YOUR Early Support for Philippe’s Campaign for Hottest Male in PR


    We here at Camp Reines could not be happier with the first phase of the campaign for hottest male in PR. Our internal polling only confirms the momentum that is, frankly, palpable on the campaign trail.

    Real people from one end of this country to other – real people like YOU – are voting for change, and are literally casting ballots by the tens of tens.

    You know how important that change is. You have seen the kind of guys out there in America being called “hot” today. Pre-stressed jeans. Gel. Black, shiny shirts. More freaking gel. Philippe is not just running against a group of candidates. He’s running to change the system. He’s running for every single one of us who has ever said, “Are you kidding? That guy?”

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