Hotsauce brings you ratings for the best dishes from 200,000 restaurants


Social eaters are always wading through Yelp reviews to find the best restaurant, with the right number of stars, within the right budget and distance. What happens after that decision is often even more complicated. Imagine looking at poorly-lit photos of restaurant food and deciphering the items on each menu – that’s what Hotsauce is about.

 We’ve created an intelligent algorithm to solve a very simple problem. It analyzes millions of reviews for thousands of restaurants, understanding what previous diners loved and hated, to present you with popularity ratings for each dish. We want you to know what’s good to order and what to avoid.

We built this app because we hated having to read through reviews just to figure out what’s good at a restaurant.

Aside from the great rating mechanism, photos and dish-selection simplification, the app also offers up easy-to-read descriptions of oft-difficult to understand slogans for items like “Tagliatelle al Tartufo.” If you didn’t know, it means flat, wide pasta with truffles – delicious!

Additionally, the app is seeking to add another great feature for eaters such as myself – vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free distinctions for special diets. “Yessssss!” was basically my actual reaction. Yelp’s health score reports may be useful, but I’ll stand in line for spicy street tacos even if it’s illegal and looks like a dump. What I really need help with is understanding what I can order if I don’t eat meat. That’s Hotsauce for finding vegetarian hotsauce.

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