Hotline Says Farewell To Danielle Jones

From today:

    We here at The Hotline pride ourselves for having a unique voice. Truth is, that voice comes from every one of us. … Sort of.

    — First among equals is our Danielle Decker Jones, the super-seclusive muse who for 9 years has quietly, but loudly (ask anyone around her on deadline), helped build The Hotline. How? By reminding us all that politics is powerful, but it’s also very, very fun. And weird.

    — Today, we’re losing Danielle’s voice. (And the rest of her, too).

    — While our readers will miss the brilliant wit she offered everyday, it’s the little things (read: thankless) we’ll miss the most. There may not be a better editor in this town. Or a more tireless worker. Or a bigger fan of A.U. basketball, Mexican food and peanut butter (sometimes all mixed together … OK not really).

    — Actually, we’re not losing Danielle today. She may be “leaving” (she has ’til Last Call! to change her mind), but she leaves behind a devoted team that, inspired by her hard work, energy and friendship (we could go on, really), will still bring you the Hotline that Danielle helped make so powerful and fun. And weird.