Hotline Pays Tribute To Chuck


Chuck Todd’s last day at the Hotline is today (is it too soon to start wondering who will succeed him? Okay, fine, we’ll wait until tomorrow…).

And, with an opening line that makes us think of “Field of Dreams” (“The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball…”), Hotline pays tribute:

    For 15 years there has been one Hotline constant: Chuck Todd. As a result, a generation of political junkies has witnessed a rare melding of individual and institution. Through 4 pres. campaigns, hundreds of tight cong. races, recounts and scandals, he was here. Chuck has defined The Hotline.

    — As editor-in-chief, Chuck has led through uncertain times for news orgs. And he’s done every job here — from 4 am clipping of actual newspapers, to late-night phone calls back when faxes were groundbreaking, to TV transcribing, to election all-nighters. With his unique wit and unparalleled political acumen, he’s done it all.

    — He leaves today for a larger stage. As pol. dir. for NBC News, he takes his expertise to a mass audience. And millions of “Today” and “Nightly News” viewers will better understand the ins-and-outs of politics because of it. The Peacock’s plume just grew brighter, and his presence will be missed by us all. But The Hotline will still be here, better than ever, to provide the most comprehensive, smart and cutting-edge news and commentary around. Because that is the legacy of Chuck Todd.

Pictures from his good-bye party, naturally, are always welcome and encouraged.