Hotitude Rears It’s Ugly Hot (?) Head


Stephanie Mansfeld called it “hotitude” and we think she may be on to something.

There’s a full-fledged intern war being waged in Washington today between the Washington Times and the Washingtonian magazine. Former Washingtonian intern (who can be seen on the right in the above picture) Cristina Abello is not afraid to shun anonymity and speak publicly about the matter. She writes in:

    True, I was a Washingtonian intern for nine months. I happen to be in the picture you posted of us. But really, there is no contest. Katie, Cory, Caleb, and I are a hotness force to be reckoned with. Studies have shown that as a group, our overall fabulousness measures in the 99th percentile.

    And, there must be a reason why the Timesies haven’t posted full-body shots.

Oh, it’s on.

You gonna bring the heat Nathan, Katie, Anne, Joshua, David, Angeline, and Jacqueline?

UPDATE: The Washington Times’
Josh Rutledge writes in: ”Yeah, there is a reason we don’t have full body shots. They were taken at work on tiny face-cameras at our individual desks, because that is what we do as interns here at the Times. We work. Unlike the Washingtonian interns, we didn’t get an internship which fills up water coolers and delivers mail. Can this really be a battle between interns if only one side actually works while the other takes pictures at a party?”