Hothead Games Fires Kill Shot onto iOS, Android

Kill ShotHothead Games, developer of the Big Win and Rivals at War franchises, has announced the launch of Kill Shot on iOS and Android devices. The first-person-shooter takes players through 160 primary and support missions in enemy territory, across three regions. In each mission, players are asked to eliminate a set number of enemy soldiers using sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles and SAW guns.

Players spend energy to access each mission, and are provided with gear suggestions before beginning. If a mission will contain armored soldiers, for instance, players may be encouraged to upgrade the thermal stat of their sniper rifle for viewing these armored areas from far away. Players have access to 20 customizable weapons, which can be upgraded with the money players earn by completing missions. These upgrades may offer increased clip sizes, an increase in damage, an increase in clip size and so on.

If gamers need a new weapon entirely, they can purchase many of these using either free cash or premium currency. Some weapons, however, are only available with a real money purchase.Kill ShotWhile playing, users are perched away from enemies, and can slide their finger on the screen to change their view, or tap on the left and right sides of the screen to move in a horizontal line in the overall environment. This may give users a better view of enemies behind rocks and other obstacles. The game offers buttons for activating a rifle’s zoom, as well as thermal vision and power-ups. Power-ups may slow the game down for an easier shot, turn ammo into instant-kill rounds, or instantly tag all enemies on the map.

If players miss a shot or otherwise spook their targets, they’ll hide for a time before eventually fleeing from the screen. In this way, it is possible to fail missions, if all enemies escape before the particular mission requirements are completed.

In addition to primary and support missions, players are challenged with Black Ops missions, containing additional challenge. The very first Black Ops mission, for instance, challenges players to kill a target with a head shot before he can reach his vehicle. If players don’t have the required tools for the job (say, their guns are too weak to defeat the required soldier), they’ll need to complete more primary and support missions for extra cash in order to purchase new weapons or those required upgrades.

Finally, players can complete daily challenge missions, as well as multiplayer Global Ops events, which are only available at specific times.Kill ShotFor additional social features, the game offers video replays of shots, which can be shared with friends or the world on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, along with optional voiceover commentaries. This feature is only available in the iOS version of the game for now, but will come soon to Android.

“With Kill Shot, we set out to create the most visually stunning and memorable game for fans of first person shooters,” said Vlad Ceraldi, directing producer of Kill Shot, in a statement. “Kill Shot brings the best AAA shooter experience and heart-pumping excitement to the small screens of smartphones and tablet devices. Nothing exemplifies this better than the slow-mo, high-def footage of the bullet hitting the target, shown for each final ‘kill shot.’ This classic gaming moment still sends tingles up my spine every time.”

Kill Shot is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game is rated 17+ due to its use of realistic violence.