Hotel Marketing Platform Buuteeq Helps Travel Destinations Build Rich Facebook Presences

Buuteeq is a software platform that allows hotels to create engaging content for users across their web, mobile and Facebook sites. We spoke to co-founder and CEO Forest Key about how Buuteeq is working to convert Facebook visitors or fans into customers using research-fueled design.

First it’s important to note that one huge incentive for hotels to have guests book directly — say through Buuteeq — is that they do not have to hand over a slice of their revenue as a commission to a travel agency or booking portal such as Orbitz. When hotels purchase software and service from Buuteeq they are also encouraged to continue to invest in traditional Facebook marketing to boost their Likes so as to better leverage the company’s platform.

The software is set up so that each hotel must only upload content once and it then pushed across web, mobile and Facebook sites by Buuteeq, Key told us. The specific components of Buuteeq’s design are meant to convert visitors into customers; the vast majority of visitors spend 90% of their time perusing photos, room information and interactive maps — all three are central to Buuteeq’s design.

“Guests who look at 15 or more pictures are more likely to make a reservation,” Key told us, noting that Buuteeq’s design is photo-heavy.

Key told us that because Buuteeq is set up on Facebook to take advantage of social recommendation, the customer-facing side of Buuteeq’s Facebook app only show hotels in search results if a user’s friends have Liked that hotel’s Page. In other words, if hotels are not engaging in Page marketing to get their numbers up, the Buuteeq will not yield results for users who are not already connected through their networks. When it comes to booking, even if you find a hotel on Facebook, the actual reservation is made on the hotel’s website.

As far as viral mechanics, Key noted that the future of Buuteeq is set to focus increasingly on its Facebook component. In the meantime, he told us that his clients’ conversion rates are higher and there are Like buttons sown throughout the design, both on Facebook and on the web.

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