Hot or Not Locates the Most Attractive People Near You

Bringing the 2000s back

Remember Hot or Not, the skin-deep site where you could judge a person by their picture and score their appearance on a scale of one to 10? The looks-based portal is updating its app to make it easier for you to find those attractive individuals. 

Hot or Not is introducing the Local Hot List, a ranking of the 20 highest rated people in your vicinity. Using location-based data that updates in real time, it will allegedly narrow down the best looking potentials, whether you are at a crowded festival, college campus or bar bathroom. The app is also adding features that will show people their own popularity, for those extremely vain individuals.

"Although Hot or Not may have inspired many online dating sites, Hot or Not has always been about rating, checking out and connecting with the hottest crowd. Hot or Not's new features improve our users ability to do those things," CEO Andrey Andreev explained.

Andreev added that the company has been adding celebrity profiles into the mix of regular people, and hopes to provide top 10 lists on those photos based on user votes.

Hot or Not—which Andreev claims has 10 million users who have voted billions of times—started out as a project between two Silicon Valley engineers in 2000 to crowdsource whether a girl was attractive, and has been credited for inspiring early prototypes of YouTube and Facebook. It was sold in 2008 to Avid Life Media, also known for running the married hookup website Ashley Madison.

But, as the online sphere changed, just rating a person on their good looks wasn't enough, especially with apps like Tinder on the market that combined both shallowness and the online dating world. Hot or Not is banking that its updates will prove it still has a stake in the game.