Hot | Hot | HOT

Village Voice: Feel so hot you’ve taken to leaving your undergarments in your fridge just so you can bear to put them on? (Knock it not until you try it.) Then try some of Runnin’ Scared’s tips for cooling off even without an a/c…
Gawker: …Or you could always try Gawker’s, we suppose.
GalleyCat: Can you come up with a more laudatory quote-attached-to-a-book than “Vague vaguery with vague vaguage vague! Vague?”
AgencySpy: Tropicana whips up some demon fruit.
Stay hydrated, try and find a/c, and remember to wear sunblock, NYers. There’s been a Heat Advisory issued for the tri-state area and we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you. FishbowlNY ♥’s you.