Hot Ghetto Mess Mess Lingers For BET

0726hotghetto.JPGThat BET show Hot Ghetto Mess we mentioned yesterday, whose name was changed to We Got To Do Better in a last-minute bid to avoid bad publicity? Not really. The original Hot Ghetto Mess Web site is still advertising the show under its old name, as is their official Myspace page. For that matter, host Charlie Murphy referred to the show as Hot Ghetto Mess multiple times. Not enough money to reshoot? Meanwhile, the Associated Press compared We Got To Do Better/Hot Ghetto Mess as “a reject reel from America’s Funniest Home Videos“:

“While there were examples of trifling behavior and crazy antics, for the most part, the show seemed like a reject reel from “America’s Funniest Videos … There were no images of pimp-my-ride coffins, 5-foot-high lacquered hairdos, infants posing with 40-ounce bottles of beer, or pink-spandex outfits on a Mo’Nique-sized frame. Instead, the show offered lame video clips that circulated on sites like YouTube months ago, and commercials that wouldn’t pass the cable-access test.”

In other news, even the site leading the anti-Hot Ghetto Mess campaign thought the show was a joke.