Hot Deals at and Dealplumber is online social shopping community where you can find hot deals, bargains, coupons, and lowest prices – all hot stuff connected with the online shopping.

Users of can see and bookmark the deals they like so they decide which deal will be on the front page – it is like Digg for shopping deals. The idea of social shopping community isn’t new, but I think is one of the best examples how to make user friendly service. I think the design of the page is very successful and it is a big plus of this project. Database of is also big enough to find product you are interested in.




Another, and I think also very nice, project is Dealplumber. It offers more or less the same search features, but there is some more services that is very good for users – subscribe to deals via RSS, share deals & earn and others. More info you can find at Dealplumber blog.

The deals landscape is made of lots of tiny islands of deal intelligence with no communication between them, which I believe, is a loose-loose situation. The users are loosing on some really cool bargains. The merchants are loosing out on new customer acquisition (and hence their campaign ROI) and affiliates are loosing out by not being able to get their hard-found-deals to more users looking for them.

This is the exact problem we aim to solve at dealplumber. will bring together deals and coupons and promotions from all users, affiliates and merchants for all users looking for deals & discounts. If you know what you are going to buy, dealplumber is the place you need to spend 30 seconds on, to find an associated deal and save … and feel smart! Affiliates can post their best deals – “with your own affiliate IDs/links??? to drive a stronger distribution of your deals online, and see increased commission streams. Sorry, no xml deal uploads and no spam accepted. Merchants can use dealplumber in a number of ways and we’ll be working with you closely in the coming weeks and months.

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