HOT 107.9, i98.3, National Geographic and others in this week’s top PTAT gainers among media/news/publishing pages

HOT 107.9 is this week’s top gainer for the People Talking About This metric among Media/News/Publishing pages. The Indiana radio station has gained more new engagements than established brands such as National Geographic and WWE.

The top 10 pages gaining PTAT saw increases between 82,782 and 307,545 engagements. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

#NamePeople Talking AboutWeekly Growth 
1   HOT 107.9309,359+307,545
2   i98.3416,076+298,851
3   Yuk Vakvey245,500+227,059
4   National Geographic479,538+213,430
5   Impeach Nancy Pelosi274,814+184,730
6   WWE455,731+181,020
7   Diario Olé346,697+170,828
8   The Times of India268,567+149,303
9   Globo Esporte343,253+122,332
10   Hay House97,430+82,782

HOT 107.9’s incredible increase in engagement is due to a single post that saw 248,190 likes, 14,290 shares and 2,883 Likes. This picture, which can be seen below, went viral far past their audience immediate audience. This post did help in obtaining more fans as the page likes saw a strong increase in that metric as well.

It can be assumed that these engagements were obtained organically as the rest of their page posts has seen such large engagement. It is likely that a high influencer shared the post. The post is receiving engagements past its original publishing date and many of the comments seem to be from other countries despite being a local radio station.