Horoscopes, Spotify, Social Networks, Family Tree, Microsoft and Lots of Greeting Cards on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

This week, predictably, given the holiday season greeting card applications were popular on our list of the fastest growing by daily active users. Other popular apps included horoscopes, Spotify,  a few social networks within Facebook, Social Statistics, Family Tree and a few more.

The titles below grew from between 180,000 and 7.3 million DAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

1.  Daily Horoscope7,600,000+7,310,000+ 2,521%
2.  Spotify5,200,000+1,800,000+ 53%
3.  Samsung Mobile4,100,000+1,000,000+ 32%
4.  Nimbuzz Mobile1,700,000+870,000+ 105%
5.  الأبراج اليومية810,000+800,000+ 8,000%
6.  Social Statistics1,300,000+740,000+ 132%
7.  SmoothTV680,000+678,000+ 33,900%
8.  Onedate560,000+530,000+ 1,767%
9.  Greeting Cards1,400,000+480,000+ 52%
10.  Family Tree480,000+360,000+ 300%
11.  Ninja Saga910,000+340,000+ 60%
12.  Microsoft Live18,500,000+300,000+ 2%
13.  Tetris Battle2,900,000+300,000+ 12%
14.  開心水族箱1,500,000+300,000+ 15%
15.  Niik340,000+280,000+ 467%
16.  Greeting Cards850,000+230,000+ 37%
17.  Cards730,000+220,000+ 43%
18.  Greetings960,000+210,000+ 28%
19.  المزرعة السعيدة1,300,000+200,000+ 18%
20.  Greeting Cards860,000+180,000+ 26%

Topping our list this week, Daily Horoscope with 7. 3 million DAU and a similar version, اليوميالأبراج اليومية, with 800,000 DAU. These apps often ask users to post daily to their Walls. Spotify grew by 1.8 million DAU, while Samsung Mobile grew by 1 million DAU.  The aforementioned social networks on our list this week included: Nimbuzz Mobile   app for mobile devices with 870,000 DAU, Onedate dating app with 530,000 DAU  and dating app Niik with 280,000 DAU.

Assorted apps on our list included Social Statistics, which publishes a list of top friends to the feed, and grew by 740,000 DAU. Then there was a sophisticated video app, SmoothTV, with 678,000 DAU. Genealogy app Family Tree grew by 360,000 DAU. Finally, Microsoft Live grew by 300,000 DAU.

The rest of the list included the aforementioned greeting card applications which principally worked by asking users to send cards to their friends. Greeting Cards Grew by 480,000 DAU, Greeting Cards grew by 230,000 DAU, Cards grew by 220,000 DAU, Greetings grew by 210,000 DAU and Greeting Cards grew by 180,000 DAU.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.