Horoscopes, Phrases, Video, Basketball and iPad on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by DAU

Horoscopes, phrases, videos and basketball made up the majority of our list of top 20 Facebook apps by daily active user this week. Dating, music, photos and security apps were also popular. Our list is compiled using AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook, and covers apps that gained the most users in the past seven days.

Top Gainers This Week

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Daily Horoscope 1,839,822 +750,928 +69%
2. Daily Horoscope 962,558 +637,547 +196%
3. Mafia Wars Game 2,688,709 +409,468 +18%
4. BandPage by RootMusic 1,255,748 +368,221 +41%
5. Badoo 4,410,004 +350,916 +9%
6. Phrases 1,688,685 +296,582 +21%
7. Norton Safe Web 216,443 +176,729 +445%
8. Monster Galaxy 804,490 +163,921 +26%
9. Günlük Burç Yorumları 227,429 +133,090 +141%
10. Phrases (new) 410,486 +117,110 +40%
11. Frases Diarias 716,271 +107,779 +18%
12. VidyoTV Video 153,058 +102,253 +201%
13. Diamond Dash 94,956 +94,939 +558,465%
14. My Photos 298,128 +93,746 +46%
15. Persian’s Daily Clip 133,435 +89,629 +205%
16. CBSSports.com Brackets 96,733 +88,405 +1,062%
17. Monopoly Millionaires 642,588 +86,126 +15%
18. Friendly for iPad 768,112 +71,717 +10%
19. Bracket Challenge by Citizen Sports 77,231 +68,102 +746%
20. Videoloji 199,651 +67,215 +51%

The horoscope apps seem to be very popular with Turkish audiences. Daily Horoscope with 750,900 new DAU this week asks users if they’d like to publish the horoscope to their Wall , while the other Daily Horoscope with 637,600 DAU publishes a horoscope daily to your Wall, too. The Turkish version of this latter app, Günlük Burç Yorumları, posts daily horoscopes to your Wall and also asks users to invite dozens of people with the same zodiac sign to the app. This app grew by 133,000 DAU this week.

Phrases apps grew in non-English speaking countries this week. Phrases saw 296,600 DAU coming out of the Philippines, Mexico, France and Italy. Phrases (new) grew 117,100 DAU this week. Neither app was accessible in the U.S. and both provide users with phrases they can post to the stream. The Spanish app that performs a similar function, Frases Diarias, grew by 107,800 DAU this week allowing users to Like or share phrases by famous people, or create their own.

Video apps were also popular with Turkish users. There was VidyoTV Video which grew by 102,300 DAU; the app posts videos to the stream when the app is used and allows viewers options to also share videos. Persian’s Daily Clip grew by 89,600 DAU and starts off by asking users to invite 20 friends to use the app; you subscribe to a daily video clip post on your Wall and the app automatically posts one upon use. Videoloji grew by 67,200 DAU and creates news feed stories by posting videos daily, also allowing users to share and Like them.

Basketball was on the list this week, too, due to March Madness, the NCAA college basketball tournament. CBSSports.com Brackets grew by 88,400 DAU; the app allows users to make bracket picks and share to the stream. The more involved, Bracket Challenge by Citizen Sports, saw 68,100 DAU this week and involves a $5,000 grand prize, syncs with an iPhone app, and includes trivia questions that users can post to the stream and alerts on your bracket.

Friendly for iPad grew by 71,700 DAU; the app is a popular Facebook application for iPad, since there is no official app. On Facebook clicking “Download App” takes users to the Apple store, where they may download the app.

Rounding out the list was BandPage by RootMusic, a music app for musicians and fans, which saw 368,200 DAU. Badoo, the dating app, is still growing with 350,900 DAU this week; the app utilizes a Q&A of a users’ friends to generate attention in the feed. Norton Safe Web saw 176,700 DAU and generates a news feed story when it scans your feed for malicious links; users may also enable auto scan for regular scanning. Finally there was My Photos, with 93,700 DAU, which posts a photo from your Facebook photos daily to the stream.