Horoscopes, Friends, Mobile and Dating on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by DAU

There were specific themes that showed up on our list of applications growing on the Facebook platform by daily active users this week. Horoscopes were big, as were friend quiz-type apps, a few mobile phone apps and two dating apps made the list; then there was a handful of others, including BandPage by RootMusic. The apps on our list below grew from between 90,200 and 1 million DAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1.  The Fortune Teller 1,530,015 +1,017,648 +199%
2.  21 questions 1,713,694 +584,031 +52%
3.  Static HTML: iframe tabs 2,117,994 +557,711 +36%
4.  Facebook for Every Phone 1,087,553 +318,179 +41%
5.  60photos 2,127,101 +254,034 +14%
6.  Seçim Anketi 243,154 +242,122 +23,461%
7.  Daily Horoscope 6,121,234 +216,473 +4%
8.  Windows Live Messenger 17,198,638 +213,710 +1%
9.  Gardens of Time 3,733,501 +209,129 +6%
10.  Friend Buzz 226,101 +192,862 +580%
11.  Mahjong Saga 358,729 +191,744 +115%
12.  MyCalendar 277,681 +189,440 +215%
13.  Astrology 2,995,140 +151,072 +5%
14.  Between You and Me 511,185 +144,955 +40%
15.  Cupid 356,117 +130,318 +58%
16.  BandPage by RootMusic 1,444,551 +117,163 +9%
17.  Gourmet Ranch 371,509 +103,046 +38%
18.  HTC Sense 6,251,749 +97,790 +2%
19.  Samsung Mobile 1,998,964 +93,998 +5%
20.  eBuddy 2,393,765 +90,207 +4%

The horoscope apps on our list had one thing in common (aside from providing horoscopes): daily Wall posts. The Fortune Teller grew by over 1 million DAU, Daily Horoscope by 216,500 DAU and Astrology by 151,100 DAU.

Friend quiz-type apps were on our list in varied forms. 21 questions asks users questions about their friends, publishing answers to their Walls; the app grew by 1.7 million DAU. 60photos asks users to rate friends’ photos, publishing to their Walls, and growing this week by 254,000 DAU. Friend Buzz asks users questions about their friends, posting the answers to their Walls, consequently growing by 192,900 DAU this week. MyCalendar asks users to customize a calendar with friends’ birthdays and other events, growing by 189,400 DAU this week. Between You and Me grew by about 145,000 DAU this week, publishing answers to quiz questions to the Walls of a user’s friends.

Mobile apps abounded this week, intriguing given Facebook’s mobile announcement last week. Facebook’s mobile app, Facebook for Every Phone, grew by 318,200 DAU this week, while the Android app  HTC Sense grew by 97,800 DAU. Samsung Mobile grew by about 94,000 DAU and eBuddy, a mobile messenger app, by 90,200 DAU mostly in Mexico, Indonesia and India.

Two dating apps made the list, the Turkish Seçim Anketi with 242,100 DAU and  Cupid with 130,300. Cupid’s taken a huge dive from a month ago, perhaps due to the summer, but seems to be bouncing back. Other apps included Static HTML: iframe tabs for Page tab creation with 557,700 DAU, Windows Live Messenger grew by 213,700 DAU while BandPage by RootMusic saw 117,200 DAU.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.

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