Hopkinson to Join Outlook

From the Post’s internal notice:

    Fresh from her acclaimed book “Deconstructing Tyrone,” which explored
    changing images of black masculinity in the hip-hop generation, Natalie Hopkinson will bring her smarts and expert ear for a bold argument to the Outlook section. As an assignment editor, Natalie will be responsible for assigning and editing audacious stories for the section as well as devising ingenious ways to push Outlook’s content even further out into the virtual world.

    An honors graduate from Howard University, Natalie joined The Post in 1999 and moved to Style in 2002, where she developed the “Life Under 30” beat.

    She took leave in 2004 to pursue her doctorate at the University of
    Maryland. Now we’ve lured her back. Natalie is that unique combination: a journalist who is not only Web-savvy (her ahead-of-the-curve 1999 master’s thesis focused on online publications) but also capable of writing narrative with “great poignancy,” according to one of the glowing reviews of her co-written book. The soon-to-be Dr. Hopkinson will join us in Outlook in June after she finishes her PhD thesis — on go-go music!