You Can Now Manage Twitter, Facebook AND Google+ Pages From HootSuite

Ever feel overwhelmed popping around from platform to platform to post content and interact with followers? Sure you do.

Well, HootSuite just made your life easier by adding the ability to manage Google+ pages to its Twitteriffic dashboard.

Check. It. Out.

If you’re a marketer, you should care about this update for many reasons, but this is a Twitter-focused blog, so you’ll have to seek out a Google+ sales pitch elsewhere. Here’s an interesting stat to consider though:

Larger than LinkedIn. Wow.

The update will allow you to use the message assignments and follow up functionalities as you normally would, but the cool add-on here is the ability to access Google+ Circles. Circles allow you to tailor your posts for sharing with specific audience segments, designated by Circles.


Having the ability to manage posts to the three top social platforms is pretty fantastic.

To add Google+ Pages: Access your Profile from the side menu, then select + Add a Social Network under My Social Networks.

Do you plan to add Google+ to your HootSuite dashboard?

(HootSuite image from HootSuite blog)