HootSuite Gets Cozy with Japan

HootSuite, the popular Twitter management platform, is expanding further into the Japanese market with three announcements yesterday. This push into Japan highlights the microblogging’s popularity overseas.

HootSuite is partnering with Digital Garage – the same company that supports Twitter’s Japanese presence – to develop sales channels for HootSuite’s Pro and Enterprise plans.

The company also unveiled a beta program for their Japanese dashboard that is now available for keitai mobile phones, some of the most popular in Japan. This dashboard integrate Twitter and mixi – the #1 social network in Japan – into a single application.

And finally, HootSuite announced Japanese language localization for Blackberry and Android phones, which is added to the already supported iPhone and iPad localization.

Tuesday’s announcement also notes that HootSuite, having a presence in Japan for over a year, is now the top third-party Twitter client and the #1 social networking iPhone application in Japan.

Japan has been a Twitter mainstay for several years. Japanese was the first language other than English that the Twitter team supported back in April 2008. And, according to Nielsen Online, Japanese internet users are more excited about Twitter than US users: 16% are on Twitter as opposed to just 10% of those in the US.