Hootsuite for Android Full Version Available for Droid but Not Nexus One – More Android Platform Fragmentation

I’m satisfied using Seesmic for Android to tweet from my Droid and Nexus One. But, after reading TechCrunch’s glowing comments about Hootsuite for Android

HootSuite Rolls Out Android App; Partners With 140 Proof To Serve Ads On Mobile Clients

…I decided it might be worth looking at. As it turns out, this might have been the wrong conclusion to jump to. Here’s what I found.

– There are two versions of Hootsuite for Android. The Lite version is free and the full version costs $1.99
– The Lite version is available in the Android Market for both the Droid and Nexus One
– The full version is only available for the Droid. It doesn’t show up in the Market on the Nexus One
– Hootsuite requires that you register before using its app
– I registered but never received a confirmation
– I asked to resend the registration but didn’t received anything. Yes, I checked my junk mail folder

I lost interest after running into the registration problem. Back to Seesmic for Android despite its problems posting photos to Twitpic and Tweetphoto.