Hook’d: Record short musical performances and share them with friends on iOS

Music technology company MuseAmi has announced the launch of Hook’d on iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The “video music messaging” app allows users to record short videos of them performing either today’s popular music or the classics from the past, and then share them with friends or the general public. The app utilizes master recordings of songs, and offers “cutting-edge audio effects” to make any user sound their best.

In Hook’d, users can browse recorded and publicly shared “hooks” with a guest account, but must sign in with their Google account before recording and sharing their own, since the app supports direct YouTube sharing. From there, users have a selection of free music available to them, licensed from Warner Music Group. Additional licensing deals will be announced in the future. If none of the free tracks work, users can unlock more tracks one-by-one via in-app purchase, or subscribe for unlimited access for $3.99 per month.

The actual recording process is a lot like a round of karaoke. The chorus is presented via text lyrics at the top of the screen, and users sing along with the words as they glow. After recording, users can add an echo to the lyrics, change reverb and pitch, and change the volume balance between the music and their voice.

Once a hook is finished, they can be shared with other users within the app. There, users can comment on and like individual hooks, or share them to Twitter, text, email or Facebook. Hooks can also be uploaded to YouTube.

“In Hook’d, we’ve created a fun, addictive and totally new way to capture moments through music, and share it with one person or with many,” said Bob Taub, CEO and founder of MuseAmi. “We’re proud to have the support of Warner Music Group at launch. They’ve been a real champion of our technology, and their incredible catalog provides our users with authentic master recordings that make Hook’d like no other app on the planet.”

Hook’d is available to download for free on iOS.