Hooked looks to improve mobile app discovery through intelligent algorithms

Image courtesy Hooked

Mobile app discovery platform Hooked has announced the launch of new technology that aims to improve app discovery through the use of predictive search and intelligent recommendations. The technology is powered by multiple “machine-learning algorithms,” as well as through analysis of the applications currently installed on a user’s device.

Hooked’s technology is available on any platform, and has already been adopted by a few partners. The first announced partner, MeetMe, Inc. has integrated Hooked’s algorithms into its own platform to improve app discovery among its users.

“I’m excited to work with Hooked to build out personalized advertising experiences for our users,” said Geoff Cook, CEO of MeetMe, Inc., via a company release. “We consider Hooked’s recommendation engine to be at the forefront of providing users with an intuitive system that predicts the likelihood a user will enjoy a specific game. We look forward to working with Hooked as they continue to innovate the delivery of highly custom, engaging ad units.”

MeetMe, Inc. focuses on giving users a way to meet others through social games and applications. Through this partnership with Hooked, those users will be given recommendations for new apps, and potentially additional social experiences, based on tools they already know, use and love.

Unlike other advertising promotions, which focus on one particular user-base (gamers, small business owners, etc.) Hooked’s technology can be used across a wide variety of applications in whatever way the partner sees fit.

“Our recommendation engine is unique in that everyone including social platforms, device manufacturers, and app developers can utilize our technology to power recommendations and improve personalization,” added Hooked CEO Prita Uppal. “We expect additional partners to incorporate our technology into their services in the future.”

Interested parties can learn more about Hooked’s recommendation technology on the company’s official website. The Hooked application is also available on Android, giving users a way to find mobile games relevant to their interests without searching through the thousands of apps on the Google Play store.