Honey Time offers blitz-style match-three play on Facebook

Image via JellyTime

Casual game developer JellyTime has released a fast-paced take on the match-three genre on Facebook: Honey Time. The game asks players to make as many matches as possible in 60 seconds, in an experience that’s incredibly similar to PopCap’s Bejeweled Blitz.

In each 60-second game, players swap gems to make matches of three or more like symbols on the board. As players create matches of four or more, they’re given power-ups titles, like bombs that destroy small clusters of gems, or those that clear whole rows or columns from the board.

Image via JellyTime

The better and faster a player performs, the more points multipliers they’ll unlock,  and the more honey will fill a meter at the top of the screen. When this meter fills completely, players earn bonus points for additional matches made while the honey is still at the top. Pausing between matches causes the meter to empty.

Each game in Honey Time costs a life, but these can be sent to friends for free or purchased with real money for faster continued play. Players’ scores are tracked on the in-game leaderboard, which resets each week, and the game further incentivizes repeat gameplay sessions by boosting each game’s score based on the gamer’s overall experience point level.

Honey Time is currently growing on Facebook, and has over 10,000 monthly active players. Check back soon to follow the game’s progress on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.