Honestly, what are these people thinking?

Two more journalists in disgrace today: first we’ve got USA Today‘s Tom Squitieri, who lifted quotes from the Indianapolis Star without attributing accordingly. Squitieri has resigned.

Next we have the Christian Science Monitor, bloggiest of the bloggy, which has excommunicated regular freelancer Jonathan P. Decker, whose use of an article by TheStreet.com’s Gregg Greenberg went beyond simple sourcing into liberally borrowing from the piece to the tune of four virtually-identical paragraphs. Decker had been contributing to the CSM for 10 years.

Which trend does this evince (and which is more worrisome): that more journalists are bending/breaking the cardinal rules, or that more journalists are getting caught?

USA TODAY reporter resigns [USA Today]
Plagiarism flap afflicts the Monitor: Stately paper maintians ethics by banning writer [Boston Globe][both via Romenesko]