@HonestToddler Voices The Inner Thoughts Of A Mischievous Child

If you’re a parent, you will flip for this Twitter account.

If you’re not, you will flip for this Twitter account – and decide to push back your child-rearing timeline by a few years.

@HonestToddler, a Twitter account-turned-book, illustrates the detailed daily inner thoughts of a toddler. And the results are pretty hilarious.

Montreal-area mom Bunmi Laditan started @HonestToddler in May 2012 when her youngest child turned two and started sharing her opinions.

The wild success of her tweets – the account has 235,000 followers, which spawned an active Facebook page with 130,000 fans – landed her a book deal: The Honest Toddler: A Child’s Guide to Parenting.

For an articulate, comical, irreverent take on what toddlers are thinking, follow @HonestToddler.

A few highlights: