Homicides at Work Increased By 50 Percent Since Last Year

Here’s a morbid thought. According to new research, stats show that violence in the workplace has catapulted compared to last year to the tune of 50 percent!

Dr. Larry Barton, resident of American College and an expert in crisis management and violence in corporate America, indicated this means 2012 was “the worst year in about 20 years” for workplace homicides.

In an interview with the Cyprus Creek Mirror (via AOL Jobs), he said, “Up until 2011, we had an average of two people killed at work every workday, so you could average it out to about 10 a week.”

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics point to a decrease in homicides from 2003 until 2011 (632 dropped to 458). So, why the recent increase?

Barton attributes it to the economic crisis. He explained to AOL Jobs, “Many of us who thought the [economic downturn] was going to be a short-term hiccup, and so that gave us temporary comfort. But it has become an ulcer, and with a lot more anxiety about cutbacks, people wondering, ‘Am I next?”

Not to institute a culture of fear in the workplace but if colleagues seem to be disgruntled, there are a few warning signs to spot that may hopefully prevent an attack at work.

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