Homer Learning launches children’s literacy app ‘Learn with Homer’ on iPad


Homer Learning has today announced the launch of its new iPad reading app, Learn with Homer. The application offers a “comprehensive literacy program” for children aged three to six, as the app focuses just as much on learning to read as it does expanding a child’s understanding of the world.

Learn with Homer was created in part by education reformer Stephanie Dua, founder of Homer Learning. “I know there’s a lot of great research on how to teach children to read,” said Dua, via a company release. “But when my own daughter wanted to learn, I couldn’t find any suitable materials for parents. That’s when Learn with Homer was born. It brings the best early learning techniques together in just one app.”

The Learn with Homer app contains multiple areas for learning. In its “Learn to Read” section, for example, children are taught letter sounds and pronunciation with real world object examples and audio testing to allow the child to participate and test what they’ve learned. Other sections offer storybooks that can be read by the app or read by the child on their own.

According to Homer Learning, every aspect of Learn with Homer was created with some sort of learning purpose.

“The single biggest predictor of children’s academic success is their reading level at third grade,” added Dua. “We want to help kids and parents in the early years, when it matters most.”

Learn with Homer certainly isn’t the first early-learning app on iOS, as Hasbro’s Play-Doh brand, for instance, was given its own learning game just last month. However, Learn with Homer already has backing from authors and other experts in the children’s education space.

“While there’s valid concern about screen media for children, Learn with Homer is an important new tool,” said Ellen Galinsky, author of Mind in the Making and President of the Families and Work Institute. “It combines solid teaching with great, engaging literature to instill literacy skills and a love of learning for children and their families.”

The Learn with Homer app is now available to download for free on the App Store. The application is monetized via additional in-app purchases in the form of new storybooks and other learning lessons.