Homer: A Fun Way to Share Your Favorite Apps

There might not be a lot of every day utility to Homer, but if you're an app aficionado, it's the perfect app to share apps.


There might not be a lot of every day utility to Homer, but if you’re an app aficionado, Homer is the perfect app to share apps.

Rather than seeking and sending links to your favorite old classics, or searching and sharing names of new apps — you can use Homer to share screencaptures of your phone. Homer lets you to embed links based on the app’s icons in the capture, which allows friends to easily access the same apps in the App Store.

Naturally, there are some privacy issues, but Homer does allow you to control which apps you’re willing to share and with whom you sharing:

Q: I don’t want people to see that I have a certain app on my phone, is Homer for me?
A: Yes! Once you take your screenshots, you have the freedom to view your phone in the app, and by tapping individual apps, you can choose to hide them from everyone, including your followers. When other people view your phone, it’ll be like the app was never there and all your apps on that page will get shifted down one position.
Q: I don’t want everyone in the world to see what I have on my phone.
A: Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In settings, there is a privacy section where you can elect to go into ‘followers only’ mode. This will only allow people who are following you to see your homescreens, and you will have to manually approve new users who want to begin following you.

So — if there are apps you don’t want anyone to know you have, say, Tinder, then it’s probably best to hide it from your followers. As with any new technology, it’s not perfect. Although the app tries to find the best match, it’s not always correct. Furthermore, you can only share apps found on the first page of a folder — so, if you’re particularly organized or prolific in your app usage, you won’t be able to send them all.