Homeland Co-Creator Howard Gordon is a Busy Man

24 executive producer Howard Gordon just saw his new show Homeland win a Golden Globe award for “Best Drama.” But that success doesn’t seem to have satisfied him a whole lot. Not only has he started producing a sci-fi show for NBC called Awake, he’s got a new novel out called Hard Target. LA Weekly caught up with Gordon in the 30 to 40 seconds he wasn’t producing something.

Howard Gordon: I would say that my greater stress, and that was specific to me, was trying to do both and maintain my day job and find the time to write a novel. The first one, I did at least most of it, or half of it, during the writer’s strike. Because I got a two-book deal out of it, I had to sort of make a deadline.

In my business, when you write a pilot, you don’t even know whether the pilot will get shot, let alone they pick up the series. In this case, I happened to have two shows. It was a perfect storm in the be careful what you wish for department. I had both Homeland and Awake that got picked up and the contract for Hard Target that was due. It was a challenge.

LA Weekly: Did you develop any tricks to managing your time?

The only trick is to get as little sleep as possible.

No kidding.

Gordon is taking another hour or two off to sign books tonight at Diesel Bookstore in Brentwood. Lazy bastard.