HomeDine Lets You Host a Dinner Party Or Pop Up Restaurant

HomeDine, an online social networking tool that helps connect people for home cooked meals, has released an iPhone app. HomeDine works like Airbnb. Users that have a kitchen and a dining room and enjoy cooking can create dinner parties and make them available to other HomeDine users who want to join in and pay for a meal.

The app lets users flip through featured meals based on their location, as well as on the day they are looking for a meal. Say for example, you are going to be in San Francisco on business and rather than hit up a restaurant alone for dinner, you can search HomeDine to find a group of people to dine with at a host’s home. Hosts can decide if their meals are free or if they’d like to charge guests.

Like on Airbnb, you can create a profile about yourself and read others’ profiles to decide who you actually invite to dinner. You can also sign in with Facebook to connect with your Facebook friends through the app. (Via TechCrunch).