Home Magazine Titles Triple In Number From 2005 To 2010

Magazines focused on home design and decorating experienced more growth than any other genre in the last five years, according to the newest edition of The Standard Periodical Directory released today. Despite the shuttering of home magazine titles like Domino (nooooooooooooo!), Southern Accents and Metropolitan Home, the home magazine sector saw a jump from 123 titles in 2005 to 337 titles in 2010.

Other magazines experiencing recent growth include those focused on celebrities (jumping from 81 titles to 139), as well as magazines about oil/natural gas, wildlife, genetics, forestry, biology, and water supply. People simply cannot get enough of nature, sustainability, throw pillows and Miley Cyrus. They can, however, do without sex. Sex-related titles experienced a drop (ahem) in recent years, as did those focused on jobs (rather curiously) and manufacturing.

The Standard Periodical Directory is the U.S. and Canada’s largest directory of periodicals, taking in information on 65,166 publications, including 16,770 magazines, 13,469 journals, 8,503 newspapers, 15,061 newsletters, 3,302 directories, and 973 yearbooks.