Home Depot Blames Agency for Deleted Tweet

So Home Depot sent this image out yesterday to promote its College Game Day campaign:

If you see it and ask yourself “what the hell is that all about”, then you’re not the only one. Complex called it “the most racist tweet of the day“, but we’re more confused than anything. We get how the pic ties into HD’s “Bucket U” theme, but we have some questions: What was the point of the promo? Why ask the question? Why is one (white) dude wearing a monkey outfit?

There’s really no satisfactory answer to these queries, and anyway we’re more interested in Home Depot’s damage control efforts, which currently amount to “it was our agency’s fault.”


This sounds a lot like “shoot the messenger” to us.

OK, but nobody’s sure which agency they’re talking about.

We’ve worked in creative, and this strikes us as a little weird. It’s almost like Home Depot is trying to claim that they didn’t approve content from their own agency and that some underling just sent this pic out. How could that possibly be true? Somebody planned it, set it up, reviewed it and scheduled it—because that’s the way the game works.

If your agency were the one in question, would you come forward to clear the air? Or would that only put your reputation at greater risk?

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