One Thing Newsprint is Still Good for: Home Alone 5

The slow death of print media has – and will continue to be – quantified in many different ways. But thanks to the warm 2011-12 winter, one oddly profitable end of the newspaper business is getting another workout in Winnipeg.

That’s where the ABC Family TV movie Home Alone 5: Alone in the Dark has run away to location shoot. And because there is no snow on the ground, the first week’s round of exterior Christmas shots has had to be faked… using old newspapers. Per a report in the Winnipeg Free Press:

California crews have been faking snow scenes for years, using newsprint. “Yes, we can do this, but it’s very, very expensive,” said co-executive producer Dennis Murphy, surveying their snow-making effort… This reporter saw huge lawns in The Gates mansion area being covered with humongous white blanket undercloths, to be sprayed with heaps of bleached and shredded newsprint.

So there you have it. When all else fails, those front-porch delivered items known as daily newspapers can still come to the rescue of seasonal Hollywood entertainments.