Take My Hologram, Please

National Comedy Center in Jamestown may sync up posthumous comedian holograms to real-time actors.

There may soon be a new claim to fame among actors. It will go something like this: “Yeah, I do the embodiments for that [INSERT FAMOUS COMEDIAN NAME HERE] hologram.”

From Newsweek writer Polly Mosendz’s look at plans to have holograms of famous dead comedians in place next summer when the National Comedy Center opens in Jamestown, New York:

For these comedy legends, Hologram USA is considering using a real actor, who operates in real time, directing the hologram. This kind of technology would allow for excellent comedic timing, as not all jokes go over the same with different audiences. “They could be heckling. They can delay a punchline. It’s a real-time and real interactive experience,” Hologram USA CEO Alki David explained. “Not every show will be the same.”

The sets will be developed based on existing audio recordings. Once the contracts are set, the estate will work with the families to pick the performer’s outfits, though brands might get in on the dress code too. “If a sponsor wants to work with us to integrate a product into the show, and they are critical to drive the economics of this, then we will incorporate a sponsor-based design. But mostly we will base the outfit on original clothing,” David said.

The 2016 attraction’s potential real-actor, real-time element is an extension of the way much of the entertainment industry has been operating lately, from James Cameron’s Avatar to video game likenesses of famous athletes. Jamestown is already home to the Lucy Desi Center for Comedy, which is involved in the Comedy Center project. Per the video below, Beverly Hills-based Hologram USA recently helped out another, living comedian with some digital doppelganger efforts.

[Image via comedycenter.org]